About CasinoBernie

About CasinoBernie

If you desire to find a safe and fun casino site to play at, Casino Bernie is the right place for you. Bernie’s biggest dream is to become the best casino guide in the whole world and he’s site is already translated into more than 7 languages. Bernie takes care of more than a thousand daily visitors, so he’s already well on his way!

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How does CasinoBernie work?

CasinoBernie is not a regular casino site but a site that compares and rate different casinos.

At CasinoBernie you can get a quick overview of different casinos/bonuses without any stress. CasinosBernie earns money via affiliate links when you use my link and start playing at a casino. That’s the only way it’s possible to keep the site content 100% free for you. CasinoBernie is an independent casino guide and strives to be objective. That means I present a variety of casinos, so you can make you choice based on a lot of different info.

Why use CasinoBernie?

CasinoBernie is free to everybody and can give you a simple and quick overview over the best casino bonuses and offers. I made CasinoBernie to make it easier for you to get an indication over the casino market. I put a lot of time in updating and developing my site. Therefore, I would appreciate it at lot if you help me by using my links. It will not make any different to you but for us it makes a world of a difference and I that way we can keep CasinoBernie alive.

We appreciate your support!

How do I get help on CasinoBernie?
If you have any questions please look in our FAQ. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ please contact CasinoBernie via mail on: support @ casinobernie.com
Is CasinoBernie an online casino?

No, CasinoBernie is your casino guide that provides information and reviews of different online casinos. This site is made so you can compare different casinos with each other and find the casino that suits your needs best.

Where is CasinoBernie based?

CasinoBernie is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and operates under Danish jurisdiction.

Contact address:

Bredgade 42

1260 Copenhagen


About CasinoBernie

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CasinoBernie is a site that compares online casinos. At my site you can always find the best bonuses in the business! Whether you prefer slots or classic games like blackjack, poker or roulette you can be sure that I have a casino that fits your preferences!

CasinoBernie – Optimize your luck

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